Myth #1: Just because my garage door is noisy doesn’t mean it isn’t working well.

Just because the garage door is working doesn’t mean it is working well. When your garage door starts making noise that is the first sign something is wrong. Depending on the type of sound it is could mean a multitude of problems. Always call a technician to come out as soon as your garage door or motor starts making sounds before it leads to something worse. Our technicians are trained to answer all of your garage door opener questions over the phone or in person!

Myth #2: WD-40 can be used to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door.

Garage door parts should only ever be lubricated with garage door grade silicone lubricant. WD-40 emulsifies the natural oil that is in the steel of your garage door making the parts were out even faster.

Myth #3: Lubricating track will make your garage door operate more quietly.

Lubricating track will only help the noise level of you door if you have metal rollers. If you have the standard plastic or polyurethane rollers this will not help.

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