If you have an old, slow-opening, or all-around unreliable garage door, now is the time to replace it. Not only is a failing garage door a hassle, but it can also diminish your home’s efficiency, damage your auto, and cause physical injury. As a main entrance to your Glendale, AZ home, this feature should be both safe and high-functioning. However, to get the most from a new garage door, it’s important to have it installed by professionals. The following are 10 solid reasons why.

1. Avoid Serious Physical Injuries

Do-it-yourself (DIY) garage door installation can result in far more than a smashed thumb or a stubbed toe. Quality garage doors weigh several hundred pounds. They’re awkward and difficult to lift, especially for those without experience and safety training. These projects can lead to sore necks, backs, shoulders, hips, and knees. In addition to stress-related, lifting injuries, a failed DIY installation can also lead to crushing and maiming injuries and may prove fatal.

2. Preserve Your Door and Door Opener Warranties

Whenever purchasing and installing any new, high-value home equipment, it’s important to carefully read through its manufacturer’s warranty. For garage doors and garage door openers, DIY installation can automatically void warranty protections. Warranty agreements are mutually binding, and although product manufacturers consent to pay for their mistakes, homeowners must adhere to the terms of their warranty contracts to enjoy this benefit.

3. Enhanced Home Security

While you might use your garage door as your home’s primary entrance, you certainly don’t want it to become a primary entrance for someone else. Proper installation promotes higher levels of home security and makes it harder for vandals and other unauthorized, ill-intentioned parties to access the building interior.

4. Protect Your Auto

Along with the risk of having a poorly installed garage door harm people or pets, you should also account for the potential damage that it could do to your car. Just as product manufacturers expect consumers to do their due diligence for warranty compliance, auto insurers expect policyholders to take reasonable precautions as well. Having your vehicle damaged by a faulty garage door that you’ve installed can also lead to claims denials or delays and unnecessary out-of-pocket spending.

5. Maintain a Sufficiently Tight Home Envelope

With an attached garage, your garage door has a major impact on both the comfort and efficiency of your home. Although all garage doors lose a fair amount of heating and cooling energy when opened, yours shouldn’t lose energy around the clock. Working with a professional is the surest way to find an option with excellent insulation and other efficiency-boosting features.

6. Get the Look and Level of Functionality You Want

In most cases, DIY installation means having to choose from the often limited selections offered by big box stores or general online suppliers. With professional installation, you’ll have access to products that are just right for your local climate. Professionally sourced doors will wear well over time despite the harsh weather of the region.

7. Save Time and Money

Garage door installation is best done right the first time. It’s also cheapest that way. With a professional installer, you don’t have to worry about sizing and design issues delaying your project’s end. You can get the correct garage door type and specifications without multiple trips to the store or tedious online returns. You can also avoid problems that require installation corrections and costly or recurring repairs.

8. Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Properly aligning garage doors, lubricating their moving parts, and correctly installing extension and torsion springs extends the lifespans of these products by limiting both stress and ongoing wear. All new garage doors should last between 15 and 30 years, and a professional installer will make sure that yours does.

9. Access the Right Tools and Equipment and Get Sufficient Manpower

With a professional garage door installer handling your project, you won’t have to rent or purchase any special tools. Many DIY installations come to a grinding halt simply because homeowners lack the equipment they need. No matter how large, heavy, cumbersome, or complex your chosen door may be, our installers will arrive ready and able to get it into position.

10. Add Value to Your Home

Garage door installation is an important home improvement. Garage doors are among the most noticeable features on buildings and have a major impact on curbside aesthetics. When homeowners list their properties, quality garage doors can help them attract motivated buyers. Choosing professional installation will boost your home’s value and marketability. It will also make it easier to pass lender-required home inspections due to assured safety and code compliance.

We offer outstanding garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also maintain an expansive selection of durable, head-turning garage doors and quality door openers and springs. For expert garage door installation in Glendale, AZ, get in touch with AAA Garage Door and Gates today.

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